Pretty Shoe Tuesday - the Texas Primary Edition

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We're going to the polls today--Smock and I have already voted, the Zman has voted and PapaC will vote on his way in tonight. None of us are voting for the eventual winner, but our votes will at least be counted. As far as I know, all of us voted for different people! How's that for "diversity in unity". What say we all hold hands and hum.


Well, at least we should have good shoes to wear. What better than red, white and blue?




Happy Tuesday, ya'll. And if'n you live in a primary state, go vote! Yeah, even if it "doesn't mean anything."


i'll take one of each -- well, two shoes of each style.

I'll take one pair of the red ones please!
G and I voted this afternoon, and it seems to have not meant anything. I even wanted to go back later to see what all the convention fuss was about, but, with G being asleep I thought against it. That and the fact he saw a mountain lion just outside our subdivision early this morning, I thought I better stay inside. YIKES!

A mountain lion???????

Keep Hamish inside, then! He'd be a tasty morsel!



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