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Watched Gone Baby Gone on DVD this weekend. Didn't expect to like it much, but surprisingly was very taken with it. Directed by Ben Affleck, starring his little brother Casey Affleck, it's a story about moral decisions in a very gray world. Doesn't hurt that it also has Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman in it.

But Casey Affleck was good. Better than I had expected. Too pretty for the role, I think, but still......

The winner in the acting stakes for this movie, though, was Amy Ryan. She got the Oscar nomination for actress in a supporting role. She should have won it. She doesn't act this role, she inhabits it. Wow. Just wow.

The movie is hard. The language is rough. (Double, triple, quadruple warnings for this. I cannot stress enough how strong the language is.) The ending is not clean and happy. But it is a movie where you see a young man struggle with doing the right thing in a world that celebrates him when he does the wrong thing.

Here's a link to the Christianity Today movie review. Four stars. And they don't give many of those. I'm sure they took a lot of grief for it.


we REALLY thought this was a great flick. glad you enjoyed it, too!



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