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Though I haven't written about this on the blog, I have lost a good bit of weight in the last months. It's come off slowly, sometimes discouragingly (that looks weird) slowly. I hope that means that once it's off, it'll stay off.

I promised myself that once I got to the half-way point in my weight loss goal, I would do something special.

I'm going to train for a 5K.

Several inspirations/reasons for this:

1. It's something I've always wanted to do, but have been afraid to try. I figure you ought not be afraid of much by the time you're my age. If I try it and fail, I have an excuse! Hey, I'm old!

2. I'm so proud of the Smock and how she trained for her long walks and how she achieved what she set out to do. I want to do that, too!

3. My nephew wants to run in the MS 5K next year. If I commit to a 12 year old, I can't weasel out. I won't, just won't, disappoint him.

So, I've been doing research on running. I've got shoes that fit well and are in good shape. I'm gonna make the time to do this. And I've got a plan--the Couch to 5K plan for beginning runners.

I started this morning.

I'm sure I looked funny. But I did Day One of Week One.

And I'm going to post here each week, so that I have public accountability. And when I can run 5K, Jack and I will find a race to run in. And he can run beside me saying "Hurry up, Aunt Terry. You can run faster than this."

And even if I can't run faster, I can finish.

I hope.


Wow! I am on Day 1 Week 1 here, as well. I just must get back to my hiking. I loved it so much, I can't believe I let it slide. I'll be thinking of you!

you are gonna do GREAT!

Renee, I'll be thinking of YOU while I'm sweating on Day Two!



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