Because I have days and days of accounting work (ick) facing me:

| was important to have read this excerpt from a letter from St. Francis de Sales:

I would wish you often, during the day, to ask God to give you love of your vocation, and to say like St. Paul when he was converted, "Lord, what will You have me to do?" Will you have me serve You in the vilest ministry of Your house? Ah! I shall consider myself too happy. Provided that I serve You, I do not care in what it may be. And coming to the particular thing that troubles you, say, "Will You that I do such a thing? Ah! Lord, although I am not worthy to do it, I will do it most willingly," and thus you greatly humble yourself. Oh my God! What treasure you will gain! One greater, without doubt, than you can imagine.


We must love what God loves. Now, He loves our vocation; so let us also love it, and not occupy ourselves with thinking on that of others. Let us do our duty; each one's cross is not too much for him.

Fine, fine, fine.

Off to pay bills with a better mindset (Thank God I have the money to pay them, for a start). Then tax returns for all and sundry. Then parish financials, etc, etc, etc.....

Pray for me. And my sorry attitude.



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