Booking Through Thursday - My Own Edition

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I didn't particularly like the BTT entry over at the BTT website, so I think I'll just make up my own this week.

Tell me:

What's your favorite thing to use for a bookmark? Or are you a page corner turner?

I have a huge mound of book marks. Most of them have come from the other members of the Inkblots, my reading group. I've got things I purchased on vacation and turned into bookmarks for all of us.

I'm also known for using grocery receipts, of which I have an unending supply, as bookmarks. Though I do hate to be reminded of how many times I had to go back to pick up just "one more thing".

But my all time favorite thing to use as a book mark are holy cards. Especially holy cards from weddings, funerals, ordinations, etc. It reminds me to pray for that person/couple/family every time I see the card.

How 'bout you?


I use holy cards as bookmarks in my Liturgy of the Hours but I'm terribly paranoid about losing them as many of them have sentimental value and well I'm tough on bookmarks.

I tend to use any scrap of paper I can find. Receipts, yes, but also old grocery lists, the subscription reply cards from magazines, envelopes (both empty and those annoying credit card solicitations), bits torn from newspaper. I've also used tissues (clean, of course). I've found old photographs in books and postcards and birthday and christmas cards and gum wrappers.

Recently prepping a book to send off via book mooch I found a note written by a former roommate's niece back when she was first learning to write: "I love you Melanie, love, Cherish" in an adorable childish scrawl. I think she's now in junior high or maybe even high school! I put the paper right back into use in the book I'm currently reading. I also had someone email me a couple of weeks ago after receiving a book, saying they appreciated the playing card book mark. Oops. didn't mean to leave that in there.


Our library has a big display case in the entrance where they showcase various collections that people bring them during the year.

I always thought it would be great to show a collection of all the things the librarians had found inside of books over the years--letters, receipts, cards, whatever.....

Maybe I should do it with my own books!

I, to, tend to use scraps. Best case scenario: the strips of scrapbooking paper that I'm keeping for "just in case I need them." But I also use a lot of receipts, doc's appt. cards and those advertising postcards that fall out of magazines. I'm sure I've left some fascinating details of my life at the public library.

I'm passing along the "display" ideas to my daughter the librarian. :)

i'm an avid page bender, but it's usually done to mark a particular passage that i'm interrested in revisiting, so i always just flip to the last bent page. i sometimes use one of the one million bookmarks that i've purchased over the years, but still bend!

Oh that would be a fun display.

I suppose now that I think about it I, like smockmomma, also occasionally turn down pages to mark memorable passages. Especially if I want to copy them out later and don't want to accidentally lost the place by having a bookmark fall out (or be removed by adventuresome toddler).



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