Pretty Shoe Tuesday - The Prom Edition

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Well, it's that time of year again. Everytime I go to the grocery store in the evening, there are girls in pretty dresses running into the store for something. And I just wonder: Why on EARTH are these girls always going to the grocery store before, during or after the prom? Then I think, "MamaT, you probably really don't want to know the answer to that, now do you?" And no, maybe I don't.

So, in honor of that most spendy of all seasons (one that we missed as homeschoolers, thanks be for small blessings), I've decided to do a "prom shoe" edition of PST. I did put a few qualification on the selections, though. Every single one of these pairs costs less than $100. Because I think it's a crazy mother indeed who would spend more than that for a pair of shoes that her lovely diva daughter is simply going to take off the minute she starts dancing anyway. I also drew the line at shoes that looked as if they were meant for women in that oldest of professions, and I didn't want to pick anything that looked like an ankle-breaker. With those criteria in mind, here are some of my favorites:

This little number is $93 and it also comes in silver. AND you might could wear it again with something:


This one strikes me as "pure prom", because I can't imagine that it's very wearable for other things. It's only $1 less than my imposed max price, and it might be a little too much bling for some. But if you can't bling out at prom, when can you?


I love silver shoes. These have a lot of sparkle, and they also come in pink/gold and gold/bronze. And they're only $73!


What is it with me and the ankle straps today? Here's another pair. They come in silver, gold, black, and chocolate. Yum! I think these might be a little old looking for most prom-goers, but I'm putting them out there anyway: At $93, they also are getting close to the price limit.


And finally, here's a pair that I actually like better in the other colors it comes in, but you can't see the details as well on the silver pair. AND they are the cheapest of the lot at $66.


Happy Tuesday, ya'll!


omg, i still have my prom shoes! how ridiculous is that? especially considering i don't have my wedding shoes. hmmm... guess it's cuz they weren't as sexy.



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