Fine Art Friday - The Letter L Edition

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Today a short FAF entry--it just contains my favorite image of the Virgin Mary, ever:

Madonna delle Roccie
Filippo Lippi

I first saw this image in a calendar that I got from the Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. I love the gentleness of it. I love that it felt no need to be true to the historical period of the Bible, but put the Madonna in the clothes of the time of the painter. It always brings home to me that the Virgin is for all times and for all people. She is beautiful, is she not?

Happy Friday, ya'll!


Hi MamaT

How may of th eholy picutres are biblicallly accurate. Who cares

Most artist painted their models in the clothing and scenery of their time and place. I agree with you it is a lovely painting. I also like a painting of Madonna and child that my mother had in one of our bedrooms as a kid. For holy paintings if you like it and are drawn to it for some spiritual reason isn't that enough. I still likie one of an Aboroigninal mother and baby as madonna and child my Catholic girls high had in a classroom and I still have the Chinese madonna my mum got in Singapore when they lived there.



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