I do not understand

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......where all this junk in my house comes from. What I do know is that I'd be far richer if I hadn't wasted money on all this stuff that I'm busy bagging up to take to the school garage sale.

My continuing quest to downsize continues, but it's not going very well. We're rearranging stuff and moving our office into our dining room so that we can make a good play place for McKid during the summer. Eventually I hope that room will be my craft/painting/office room--but that's a few years down the road. For now, it'll give us a place to put her play kitchen and set up her art stuff in an accessible manner for the summer. Our back door is heavy and hard for her to open, so if she wanted to play on the patio (where the play kitchen used to be), I had to leave the door open. That's not a problem in the spring and fall--we have a screened in porch, and I like to let the breezes blow.

But in the summer? In Texas? With rising utility rates and stuff? Can't let what little air-conditioning (and trust me, our house is probably hotter than all your houses!) we spring for air condition North Texas. (And yes, I hear my mother's voice hollering at me to "Close the Door! I Don't Intend To Air Condition West Texas!") So, we're downsizing desks. Clearing away clutter. Making new places for things.

And I wonder.

How come every space I have is filled up with stuff? How come I can't get rid of it? Even when I go through my stuff time and again, I still end up with more than anyone needs.

Why is this such a consistent and persistent problem for me?

How do you actually simplify?


Simple answer: Nature abhors a Vacuum!

Or as George Carlin puts it: /paraphrase/ "A House is a box that contains your "stuff". You get a bigger house, you get more stuff to fill it." /end paraphrase/



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