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I've already dealt with today's question on the BTT site--which was "What are you reading?" I tell ya'll that every Wednesday (or Thursday, or Friday.......), so I don't need to answer that.

But as I was sitting with my mom yesterday, I was reading one of my much loved women's magazines, and they had a little blurb in there about "beach reads." You know, those books that you take to the pool to read in the sun. One of the points that the author of the article brought up was interesting: Beach reads have to be good enough to keep your attention, but they also have to be "put-downable" because you are forever having to quit reading them to slather sunscreen on a kid, or turn and look when the chorus of "Mommy, watch this, watch this, watch this!" gets unignorable.

So, after all that build up, give me some suggestions. What are your favorite "beach reads"?

Happy Thursday, ya'll!


I don't think I do "beach reads" I usually just take along whatever book I happen to be reading.



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