The saddest day

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Thank you so much to all of you who have been praying for me, my family and my beautiful mother. I know that I have done so well so far only because of the enormous grace I have received from the prayers of my friends.

I know that there are many hard days to come, but I must say that the day that your mom's obituary appears in the paper must be one of the hardest. It certainly is for me.

I will have lots to say about my sweet mom in the days to come. She loved the idea that I had a blog and wrote. And I'd like to share some things about that remarkable woman with you.

But it is too hard right now, and I cannot see to type through my tears.

And I want you all to realize what a precious jewel my Summa compatriot is. Smock came and prayed over my mama when I was too heartbroken to think of anything to say. Ya'll should be so lucky.

And sisterfriendM, if you're reading this, know that without you, it wouldn't be possible.

Back soon.

Love you.


so very sorry to hear of your loss. it comes too soon for all of us. I am glad that I still have my mom but I know that she is just on loan from the lord.....

I wish I could have made it today, you have been on my mind all week. I'll give you a real hug when I see you again, for now here is one of those net ones - {{{mama t}}}}

I was sorry to hear of your loss to Mama T. May the Lord bring you and your family much comfort and peace.

May the soul of the faithfully departed, rest in peace.



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