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......you might want to check out this website:


Set up by Jon Scieszka, of Time Warp Trio and The True Story of the Three Little Pigs fame, it's an effort to start addressing the problems of "why boys don't read."

This is a subject dear to my heart, because it might be the bedrock reason for why we homeschooled all those years. I could not bear to raise a son who was not a reader. And I saw boy after boy lost in those middle grade years in school.

Many of the suggestions on the GuysRead site track what we did with the Zman. The foremost suggestion being: Let them read GUY stuff. I firmly believe that Tintin, Time Warp Trio, and a funny series of books called Horrible Histories made my son a reader. Later on the Hatchet series of books and the Ender trilogy kept him reading. Now I have a son who reads Moby Dick for fun.

Were they Little House on the Prairie, Jane Austen or all those other "required" texts? Nope. But they fostered a love of reading in Zman that still exists to this day. His only gripe about college is that it takes up so much time that he has no time to read for pleasure.

I'm glad to hear that he misses it.



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