smock5: the stream of conscience version


haven't offered one of these in a long while and thought i'd tried to resurrect it just for fun. my stream of conscience smock5 questions and answers for the week are:

1. if you're only as old as you feel, how old are you?
after an evening of sleeping on the couch last night, i'll say about seventy-five.

2. speaking of age . . . do you still make wishes on your birthday cake?

3. do you still hold hands when you're out with your spice?

4. do you still serenade your spice?
i would, but he begs me not to sing in his presence.

5. speaking of . . . which jingle will you never, ever, ever forget, heaven help you?
though the times herald went out of business decades ago, i can still hear the jingle: 7-4-8-1-4-1-4, 7-4-8-1-4-1-4! call the dallas times herald classifieds, get results like you've never seen before.



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