and the flames of hell just burn brighter and brighter

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smockwarning: this WILL make your soul cringe and your blood boil. and to think that my children can walk into any convenience store and see an even more graphic picture than the one featured at behind the counter makes me want to vomit. i've boycotted 7-11 for years, but how do we boycott a rag we've never purchased? i don't know how to stop this sort of thing by any means other than fervent prayer.

Mexican Playboy Publishes Nude Virgin Mary on Cover


It is infuriating, isn't it? They have since "apologized", but it's not like they're recalling the magazines, now are they?


This is sickening.

May I ask why the boycott of 7-11? I have not heard about this before now. Thanks!

i boycott 7-11 on a personal level because of the pornographic magazines that they carry "behind the counter."



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