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Short and quick today, since we are all breathless from running around like crazy people here:

What books are on your Christmas wish list?

I have two, that no one will give me but that I will buy with any Barnes and Noble gift cards I receive:

All the World's a Grave by John Reed


The Lost Art of Walking by Geoff Nicholson

How 'bout you?


I already bought what I wanted for myself, but it was the new Mason Dixon knitting book, and the new one skein wonders knitting book. I don't count on my husband to think of stuff at all. last year - I was pregnant remember? He got me a set of coffee syrups & a chocolate martini kit. Really?????? I was pregnant! So yeah. I just bought my own gift ;)

I wish there were a one skein wonder crocheting book! You'll see one of my projects when your mom comes home from book club next week. It's a one-skein wonder to me, and I wish there were more patterns for stuff like that for us crocheters.

I suppose I could learn to knit.

I always turn down pages in catalogs for PapaC, otherwise, even 30 years in, he would have no clue at all.



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