in memorium - smock's sexy legends edition


there's no question that the smock digs some sexy. and seein' as how we lost some truly sexy legends in 2008; well, she felt obliged to share.. .
earth as kitty.jpg

eartha kitt

eartha. the name alone evokes sexiness. orson welles once called her "the most exciting woman in the world" -- and eatha did her level best to live up to the compliment. the legendary jazz singer is probably best known for her sultry "santa baby" song; although, those of us who had the pleasure of growing up with a bat channel remember her most fondly as "catwoman."


paul newman

can anyone think of paul newman and not immediately picture his crystal clear blue eyes? or ripling muscles? or .... eh-hem. classically handsome, but always leaking sex appeal around the edges, paul newman was a true hollywood legend. movie star, philanthropist, or activist, mr. newman did whatever he did with gusto. i first had the pleasure of witnessing the manly manish manness of paul newman as "cool hand luke" when i was in the sixth grade. it breaks my heart that a whole generation of women are going to remember him as "the guy on the salad dressing label."


bettie page

say what you will about miss bettie page, it won't change the fact that this pin-up beauty and her raven bangs became the personification of sexy sweetness. bettie only posed as a, well, as a somewhat controversial model for 8 years; but she was "born again" in 1959 and spent several years with billy graham's ministry as a missionary to angola. despite the very hard life bettie lived, she was known as a relatively innocent and naive woman who abhorred "trashy talk" and profanity. my heart goes out to her -- and i heart me some of this beauty.


michael crichton

sexy? michael crichton? oh, yes! anyone who can piss off the entire "global warming trendies" community (read, state of fear -- no really, read state of fear) in one fell swoop really melts my butter. beautiful baby blues and an infectious smile don't hurt either. of course, nothing -- nuh-thing -- is sexier than a really big brain, and author, storyteller, and filmmaker mr. crichton, "who enjoyed challenging his reader's preconceived notions about the world around them," shared his smarts in spades.



william f. buckley, jr.

it has been brought to my attention that seein' as how william f. buckley, jr., the patron saint of American conservatives, had the biggest brain of all, he should have been included in my sexy legends list. fair 'nuff.

and while i'm adding some sexiness ...


charlton heston

i don't think a man could get any manlier than mister charlton heston. women wanted him -- in togas, tights, or trousers -- and men wanted to be him. bottom line: the man made moses sexy. what more can one say?


heath ledger

he played the perfect everyman as well as the perfect psycho. while he may have been a tad too pretty for smock's taste, he had one helluva sexy voice. that could make your toes curl. in a good way. young ledger was proof that there is often a very fine line between genius and madness. it's a cryin' shame he crossed it.



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