So Long '08



2008 was an interesting year for me. Kinda stressful, pretty wild, really joyful.

We welcomed and baptized our third baby and experienced the bittersweet, rapid stream of first year milestones. We got a job promotion and moved nearly halfway across the southern US and back to friends and family. We made great new friends and left some behind. We started our homeschooling adventure- not to mention my Summa Mama adventure. WINK. We cried, laughed, voted, learned, received and observed this year.

I feel about 08 like you do after a road trip or a ridiculously long walk- exhausted, relieved, victorious, really glad it's over yet nostalgic and satisfied.

I'm welcoming 09 with hopes for another wild, joyful, maybe a little stressful and entirely unique year.

Happy New Year!



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