Darn you, beanymama!

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You had to encourage me to join Ravelry, didn't you?  And yesterday, when I was feeling all punky and all, I sat around and looked at crochet patterns. 

And I found this one and fell in LOVE with it.  So retro.  So Klimt-like.  So time consuming.  Like I have loads of time to consume.But I want it so.  I desperately WANT it.  I want it enough to weave in 60 million ends of yarn and join the dreaded squares together.

I think.

Oh, it's so cool!  And there is a group out on Flickr of all these Babette blankets, done in lots of different colorways.  And I looked at ALL of them and lusted in my heart for them.

Sigh.  After the McKid's blankie is done, will this be next?




Surely! How perfect would it look draped in Casa S? So very.

OMG, that is a WORK OF ART. i want, i want, i want, i need, i neeeeeeeeeeeeeed.



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