Live in the D/FW area? Want to hear Mark Shea?


You can! Live and in person!

On January 24th, there is a free seminar with Mark Shea speaking, with some interesting sounding topics:

101 Reasons NOT to Be a Catholic
This is My Body: An Evangelical Discovers the Real Presence
Making Sense Out of Scripture: Reading the Bible As the First Christians Did

Sounds good, doesn't it?

The event is being held at St. Anthony Catholic Church in Wylie, TX. It's on January 24th, and begins at 9:45 a.m. (I'd be there before that if'n I were you!). There will be a free hot dog lunch provided (of course, freewill donations will be accepted!).

For all this yummy goodness? They ask you to please, please, please pre-register at:

Good Catholic Books.


Wish I could be there. I'll be attending a far, far less entertaining seminar that day. Bummer.



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