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FOR TODAY, January 26, 2009

Outside My Window... it is grey and drippy.  I've got the teakettle on so I can fortify myself with some hot tea before I get out and about.

I am thinking...about how come two people can generate this much laundry?  Did I even do laundry last week?  I couldn't have.  Either that, or I'm back in stage of changing clothes every 5 minutes like a 3 year old, and I don't think that's the case.

I am thankful for... the music at my parish.  We attended another parish yesterday, and the music was just AWFUL.  In the quest to "modernize", the music has become sappy, and worst of all, unsingable.  Good they only sang two verses of everything.

 From the kitchen... tonight will be baked or grilled chicken, sweet potatoes (yum!) and a salad.  Monday is always an "eat right after the weekend" night.  Oh, and we'll have fresh blueberries (with a squirt of whipped topping) for dessert, because they are on a major sale at Kroger this week.  Don't say I didn't tell you!

I am wearing... Grey cords, funky print t-shirt, grey dangly earrings.  Oh, and a granny sweater.  Quite the fashion plate.

I am creating... a crocheted bag.  All I lack is sewing on the handles to be finished.  It's a birthday present for a friend.  It's also an attempt to see if it might become next year's "Christmas gift to everybody" like my twirly scarves were this year.  Right now I'm thinking no, but the answer might change.  I also bought at least the beginnings of the yarn for my Babette blanket (see a few posts below).  Yee haw!

I am the grocery store later.  But I have to make my list first.  I never shop without a list.

I am reading... The Jewel in the Crown by Paul Scott.  Yes, still.  I've been reading less and crocheting more. 

I am hoping... that it doesn't start raining before I get the groceries home.  I hate unloading groceries in the rain.

I am hearing... the weather on WBAP, because PapaC left the radio on in the bathroom when he left. 

Around the house... this is the start of the Super Fling Boogie for Flylady, and I'm going to take part.  I've got lots of cabinets to get through!

One of my favorite things... are crochet patterns.  Oh, I love to crochet, but even more than that I love to look at pretty crochet patterns and think about doing them.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Regular stuff, errands and the like, but a strong emphasis on getting things done around the house, since I put that on hold while I mushed forward on parish work and felt crummy last week.  I'd like to get to a level place, where I'm not digging myself out of a hole one place or the other.  Think that's possible?

Here is picture thought I am sharing...Oh, how I WISH that this were true! Don't you?


Happy Monday, ya'll!



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