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For some reason, Movable Type is not letting me comment on that entry! I've tried four times now. Bleah. My comments will probably show up out of the ether at some future point, and I'll have to delete 'em.

Anyhoo, here's my comment to the Smock:

I love this show, though I admit I expected, in the beginning, to be furious with it for exploiting fat people for laughs.

It completely won me over. Yes, it's about weight loss, and bunches of it, but it morphs into something more--an empowerment. Before long you'll be hearing people say, "I never thought I could do XYZ, but I DID IT!" The pride and power that comes from that is fabulous.

It's my 2nd favorite reality show (after The Amazing Race). Yep, even ahead of Top Chef or Project Runway.

And here's how you and I are different: I would pick Jillian as my trainer in a heartbeat over vein-pulsing-in-his-forehead Bob. Yeah, she talks a mean game. But she also tells people, "You are so worth this. You can do it. You can be what you want to be." But she doesn't take cr*p. Nope, not my Jillian.

Look, those of us who are trying to get our act together with food and exercise are full of excuses why we can't eat like this or exercise like that. Oh really? We CAN'T? Or we WON'T?

I know which one it is for me.


My comment that wouldn't post was a rave for Allie, winner from 2 season's ago, I think? Have ya'll seen her in the commercials? She didn't just lose the weight, she is RIPPED. Incredible!

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