Oh, LaMa!

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.....Can I tell you how much I blessed you for the beautiful hat you knitted me as I ran errands in the freezy cold yesterday? It was toasty warm!

And several people asked me where I got my cute cap. I told 'em they were out of luck, 'cause it was handmade for ME by my FRIEND.


Anyway, I loved it and you were prayed for many times over yesterday.


So funny to log on here and see this! This morning as I trudged to the dentist in my twirly scarf you made that I've been wearing every time I'm outside since Sunday; I thought to myself how I'm gonna log in here or on Facebook to declare my great love for it publicly. GREAT LOVE.

We are some rad crafters!

You're welcome and thanks again for my beloved twirly scarf and the always needed prayers.

not to mention that fact that SMOCK feel all pretty-in-pink in the hip n' hippy hat that laMa made and the sexy and swirly scarf that mamaT made.

many thanks -- big pink hugs and kisses, too -- to you both!



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