SummaMamaT! If You Blanket, I Will Blanket

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I've been meaning to knit this beauty for my sister in law's baby that is due this summer.


Let 2009 be the year of the bright retro blanket. Hurrah!

What exactly is the yarn cost of a whole blankets worth?


Oh, man! That is awesomely GREAT!!!!

I'll do the Babette (after I finish McKid's new blankie, which should be sometime next week) if you'll do this one.

AND if you'll come to my house and help me weave in ends of yarn if I become suicidal!

Oh, and i can't think about the whole cost at once. I'll pick colors out of no-dye-lot stuff and buy enough to start and buy more the next month (etc, etc, etc) until I have enough. I would probably have heart failure if I bought it all at once!

i will fund the blankets below if i can convince you to make one for me. i need, i neeeeeed!

It's a deal MamaT! Although I'm thinking maybe my new little niece or nephew would like a sweet cap, sweater and booties set and my couch this bright blanket. Moohahaha.

End weaving party would be awesome. Maybe it will cure me of my terrible knot and clip habit. Eek.



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