Ta Da! A finished project, and a pretty girl thrown in to boot!

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Makayla and her big-girl blanket

This is McKid's big-girl blanket (her baby blanket, much loved, much washed and dried, is falling apart).  I finished it last night while we watching a movie!  Hurray!


BEAUTIFUL! The blanket too!

I finished my valentine birthday garland for Mila today so I am ready to get yarn and get my blanket on.

I went to Hobby Lobby last night and got the first round of yarn to start my Babette blanket! It is all really bright colors, and it might be TOO bright when I start it, but we'll see. I'm using black as the common color throughout, so that should help.

The girl looked at me funny when I checked out, though.

That's a cute kid.

Yes, she is, Bill, and she's smart and funny, too! Not that I'm prejudiced or anything.....



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