the biggest baby

so i taped the biggest loser and watched it for the very first time last night. never seen an epsiode of this show, ever. i figured it was just another exploitative reality-vision cheap shot that would chap my hide due to an "oh my GAWD, would you look at the stupid fat people?" attitude, or even worse, an "oh my gawd, would you look at those poor stupid fat people? bwah-HA-HA, lookatem' go!"

don't ask why i taped it, cuz i don't rightly know. okay, that is a lie. i do know. smockdaddy and i just started dieting together. smockdaddy of the eager "will their be humiliation involved for the loser?" mindset and smockmomma, who would rather gnaw off her own arm than actually compete against someone. yes. dieting. dieting together. as in teamwork, God help us. but i digress...

i saw a commercial while watching bonnie hunt -- if you don't watch bonnie's show, you should.* on the commercial for the biggest loser, it mentioned that the brand new season was starting that night and that it would involve couples. well, that piqued my interest because i figured we'd get to see the inside scoop on the dynamics of couples losing weight together, and i'd get in on the ground floor, so to speak, because i hate trying to start a show mid-season. anyway, i thought it would be couple-couples. like spice, you know? well, it isn't. it's just teams of two. well, that's a big difference. i mean, you'll respond differently to a husband egging you on than you will to a friend or a sister egging you on. okay, maybe it's just me, but honestly, i don't think so. if mamaT were to get all up in my grill [which she has never done, by the way] it certainly wouldn't push me into the third dimension that smockdaddy would.

well, after i got over my initial disappointment that a couple could be any ol' body [disappointment, again, because i thought it would be like married couples and i wanted to relate, y'know?], i figured what the heck, i'll give it a go. and, lemme tell you, i am surprisingly impressed. i don't think i'm watching exploitation -- no one is there against their will and they know full-well what they are signing up for -- but that remains to be seen, i guess. i was very touched by the honesty and the integrity of the contestants and even by, what i assume is evenhandedness, with the editing. i can't tell you how many ounces i myself shed just from crying with these people. my heart goes out to them. it really does. even smockdaddy had to admit that he was moved by some of the stories and situations. he kept glancing at me every few minutes and patting my leg. "it's okay," he'd say. "are you okay?" he'd ask. several times i was weeping so hard i couldn't even speak. i'm not sure how motivated i'll be by the show, but i do know that i'll be tuning in for more. heck, i'm already playing favorites! i just hope that i don't get so angry at jillian -- who is the "bad cop" trainer and, erm ... well, a bitch -- that i have to stop watching the show. i'll keep you posted.


*because miss hunt is talented, beautiful, retro, and she loves her mom. go to her website here.



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