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In the quest for the free Six Flags tickets offered through a reading contest at school, the McKid reads to me all the time when we are driving around in the car. To and from swim practice, to and from dance, to and from Sonic (OK, well, not from Sonic, since she has to drink her drink then!), to and from the grocery store......

We keep a box of books in the car at all times. I read sitting in car line. She reads everywhere else.

Our new favorite series is the series of Mercy Watson books, written by Kate Dicamillo and beautifully and amusingly illustrated by Chris Van Dusen. Extremely short chapters give lots of good stopping places if you're car readers like us. Fairly advanced vocabulary, though. (Note: Kate Dicamillo is the author of Because of Winn-Dixie and Despereaux, but they're written for a slightly older audience.)

I promise you'll fall in love with Mercy Watson, a pig with a heart for piles of toast with a great deal of butter. And the supporting characters are fabulous as well. The Lincoln sisters, who live next door, are priceless.

Pick up the stories about the "porcine wonder". You'll not be sorry. In the words of McKid: "They're HIGH-LARIOUS!"


Thanks for the reccomendation! We'll check them out at the library soon. My boys love the Magic Treehouse books - Kieran isn't reading chapter books yet but we get them on CD from the library too or I read them.



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