Lent at the Summas


Smock has decided to take a break from the internet for Lent. I respect that decision, and will miss her here greatly. She'll be back, though. She has no option about that. (Because I didn't give her one.)

LaMa has been on a bit of a vacation, and I do not know her Lenten plans. We'll see when she gets back.

I have plans for Lent, but they do not include a fast from blogging. My biggest change during Lent will be that (except for the 2 book club books I have to read during this time) I am going to read NO secular books. I have several relgious fiction books that I have been saving up for this, and a whole host of nonfiction titles available. I am going to try to keep my heart and mind on Jesus, his saints, and his Church during these forty days.

I also have a "do it yourself" Ignatian retreat in a workbook that I intend to work on, at no specified pace. Just a daily commitment.

A few other discipline matters, that are personal to me and therefore unspoken here, will be undertaken. I have come to see that discipline is an area in which I need SCADS of work. I am basically a very whiny teenager on the inside, apparently. That needs to change.

So, please keep coming to read us! We value you more than you know!



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