Pretty Pattern Tuesday (on Wednesday, sorry!)

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I took kind of a mental health day yesterday, and pretty much checked out of everything. Well, everything but grocery shopping, changing and washing the sheets, picking up the McKid from school and taking her to dance.....

Wait! That wasn't much of a check out, was it? Well, it wasn't as much of one as I had planned but.....

Anyway, here's my Pretty Pattern for yesterday.

I'll see LaMa's Jelly Babies and raise her:


An octopus!

This is from the Lion Brand site, where there is a whole BUNCH of free and cute patterns. You might have to register to get to the patterns, but registration is free! This little octopus is representative of their growing collection of amigurumi--which are cute little crocheted figures.

Here's an article about arigurumi from Wikipedia. Enjoy!


I'm going to master crocheting in 2009 so I can make adorable arigurumi by 2010 at least. Like octopi.



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