Pretty Pattern Tuesday

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I'm tired of shoes for awhile (heavens, did I just say that?), so I've decided to highlight some free crochet patterns that I've found for those of you who might also be into yarn! I found this one last night, and I am headed out to buy yet more yarn before long so I can start on this one. I have the perfect person to give it to for Christmas.

It's from the Red Heart site, and is a crochet-along. They are releasing one block per month. They started in December (and that's smart for a crochet-along--it gives you time to finish before Christmas), so there are three blocks already out there. Aren't the colors fun?


Pick up your hooks and go, fellow crocheters!

(P.S. LaMamacita is a knitter. Maybe we can get her to highlight some fun knitting patterns on Tuesdays if we beg just right.)



I'm thinking of starting my Christmas knitting way early this year too. Sitting indoors on 100 degree summer days making woolen caps sounds quite nice, eh?

I've got a pattern in mind for Tuesday! Also, I think Smock could totally get into making yarn crafts if we played her just right...



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