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Smock is walking in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk in Houston in April.

She needs to raise some money to do that.

If you could help, she'd appreciate it, I know.

Here's a link to her fundraising page: Support Micki.


Banks nowadays are not establishing good image to people. Because after billions in bailout money given to these banks, I guess they are up to something. The average amount of bank charges, for late fees, overdrafts, ATM fees, and the like, is going up. It is a bit unceremonious after we, the taxpayers, their customers, just gave them so very much in installments loans from our taxes. It seems to me they only really give you an umbrella after it's raining. It seems like they had better put that bailout money to use so that those of us who paid the taxes to bail them out don't have to get installment loans for charges for using the services of these banks. Now, I think it is the time to extend our hands to those who needed help. But most of all let us exercise our freedom in making those bankers know that what they are doing to us is not that good. Make them realize that without us they would not profit.



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