Fine Art Friday - the weird Easter postcard edition

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If you've read us for any length of time, you know that I love vintage illustration. I have a special fondness for vintage and kitschy postcards. So, when I started looking around for FAF stuff, I thought I'd do vintage Easter postcards. There were so many pretty ones--with flowers and lambs and chickies and bunnies and eggs of all sorts. But then there were some that were just..................odd. When I see these images, it makes me wonder just what people were thinking.

First, there is the parachuting easter chick card:


Then there is the lovely "Easter clown and Easter elephant" card. You did know there was an Easter elephant, didn't you? He brings the really big eggs!


Next up, the alien egg-people card. If these guys showed up at my house on Easter, I think I'd run.


Then there is the "hubba-hubba" Easter card:


Then there is the card that is PROOF that the Cadbury bunny can lay eggs, 'cause here he is hatching out of an egg. (Bunnies in eggs? What?)


And finally, here is the Summa Mama Easter bonnet card. 'Cause Smock, LaMa and I are all looking for a bunny hat like this on to wear to church. Puts a little different spin on that Easter bonnet song, doesn't it? In your Easter bonnet, with long, white ears upon it......


Happy Easter (still!), ya'll! And may God's Divine Mercy wash all over you!


okay, hubba hubba and the bunny hat are my absolute faves. can't you knit some bunny ears like that for us, mamaT?



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