Pretty Pattern Tuesday

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This is not the prettiest of the colorways I've seen this done in (though I LOVE the pink!), but this picture shows off the cool pattern the best.

The nice thing about this pattern is that you can use any kind of yarn you want (adjusting the hook to the right size to handle the yarn), and make it any SIZE you want. Once you "get" how the pattern works, you just keep on keeping on, increasing in the right places, until you get it the size you want.

It's called the Serafina Shawl, and you can get the directions here.

And here's the picture:


I am currently using some of my stash yarn to make one of these. Mine is very fuzzy, so the detail is not showing up very well, but it is keeping its wonderful batwing shape. And it's so soft and squooshy! I'm going to try several of these with various yarns I've got stashed away and see what happens. I can see them morphing into my "Eighteen Things" Christmas gifts for next year if it works up as fast as I think it will.

Happy Tuesday, ya'll!


Beautiful. I love the batwing shape. Works up quickly?! No way!

Also! I have a crochet pattern I found on Ravelry that I need you to look at and see if it's fast and easy enough for a first time crocheter with a shortish attention span to tackle.



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