Pretty Pattern Tuesday



OK, I've shown you lots of patterns for bigger things. Let's look at the opposite end of the crochet spectrum. This one is a corner bookmark, done in bedspread cotton with a steel hook. Folks, this is a different animal altogether. Cotton does not slip off your hook the way yarn does, and it doesn't "give" either. That makes it more challenging to crochet with.

Try a little bookmark like this, and you will have WAY more appreciation for those huge crocheted tablecloths (which I LOVE) than you did before.

You can find the corner bookmark pattern here.

And I've got a steel hook you can borrow.

If you decide you like it, how 'bout crocheting me this little number, the pattern for which can be found here. I've had a little mercy on you, because this cloth is actually done in one piece, instead of being thousands of tiny motifs that then have to be crocheted or sewn together! Aren't I NICE?


You can find the pattern for the tablecloth here.

Both of these patterns come from The Yarn Lover's Room, which is a wonderful site with lots of great patterns. Check it out!

Happy Tuesday, ya'll! And get to crocheting!



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