Pretty Pattern Tuesday


Today is the "Everything That's Old Is New Again" edition of PPT. I am fascinated by crochet doilies--they are challenging to make, and you really feel like you've accomplished something when you're finished. But there's the problem. What do you do with 'em when you're finished? Not many of us have a need in modern homes for doilies (although I personally have several I use. But remember, I'm the OLD mama around here!). But here's a doily that I could see being right at home in even the most modern, most goth-type house. (Ignore the inset in the corner--that's just to show you how the doily will coordinate with a set of black crocheted place mats, which are awesome in their own right!):


And you can find the pattern for this at Puple Kitty Yarns. She's got a boatload of vintage patterns. Maybe you'll find something you like!

Happy Tuesday, ya'll!



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