Thurday's Wednesday Night Movie Review


I love that Netflix recommends movies for me. I've seen the best movies that way. I'd like to thank my children for making Netflix irresistible as opposed to Blockbuster trips.

Last night we watched Turtles Can Fly, a beautifully made, beautifully acted, Iran/Iraq collaboration that's won 14 of the 18 awards it was nominated for. It was lovely, aggravating and sadsadsad.

The movie focuses on 3 children among a gang of children at the Iraq/Turkey border led by a brave and relentless young leader, centering on survival.

It's pretty much a downer from end to end, the husband and I were both bawling through most of it, but it's riddled with hope and goodness, as good movies always are.

Go put it in your queue, but stock up on tissues!

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