It is August and I'm a Spaz


It's August. Time is flying.

This is summer has been wonderfully relaxing and I'm proud that we seized it and lived fully summery. Now with the arrival of dear August I'm anxious and spazzy. School is starting for us next month, I've ordered our books, outlined our first semester plans. My Jacob is heading into first grade, dappled with second grade, at home, which is way different that K last year. There are things to be involved in. More planning to do, a nearly four year old to tandem preschool with, which is different by strides from last year's mere three year old, mind you. I'm nervous and excited. I'm also a super introverted homebody and all this signing up and precious child enthusiasm sort of makes me want to chew off my nails and grind my teeth smooth.

Little Camila is nearly 18 months, which is my very favorite age. She's incredible. A baby, a toddler; independent and dependent; learning in leaps and bounds. Nothing is safe and everything is curious. She makes me laugh a million times a day and keeps me on my toes and my guard up.

My esposo, El Papicito, Jeff, starts school in a couple weeks too. He's had straggling school credits clinging to him for a few years and we're finally in a place where he can go back to school and hike the long road toward his architecture degree. He's wanted to be an architect as long as I've known him, since '96, but ended up working for an industry that pays well and that he was great in that he hated and nipped at his soul. So onward! He's over the moon to be on this journey, I'm thrilled and also want to chew off my nails, etc...

Days are go go go and at night when the littles are down I plop down and get to THINK. I crave truly *thinking* and it's so hard to come by. I feel I'm power-swimming in a sea of busy- husband, children, school, house, finances, food, garden, that is strengthening currant-wise. Things are overall fantastic, and my mental and spiritual upper-body is getting buff with all the currant swimming, so excuse random absences while we settle into Autumn here at La Casita. I'll be 'round! Buff!



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