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It's been a long time since I've been here. Yeah, it still looks good, and homey!

It has been a well, interesting (is that the word? interesting?) time at CasaS here for the last bit. You know those tests you take in women's magazines? Those "Measure Your Stress Level" tests? The ones that tell you to take some time for yourself, or a hot bubble bath or something like that so that you don't become a homicidal maniac and take out the whole neighborhood with your shotgun?

Can you take out a neighborhood with a shotgun?

Never mind.

I'm not one to talk about the stressful things in my life. I react simply by shutting myself away as much as possible and coming out when it seems like the worst might be over. You know, like that woodchuck or gopher or whatever he is up in the great white north.

I've been hiding. And now I'm poking my head out a bit. In hopes that something else doesn't come along and whack me. It's been a bit like Whackamole around here. (How's that for mixed animal metaphors? Woodchucks, gophers and moles! The trifecta!)

In the last 18 months I have dealt with:

1. My mom dying.
2. Finding hubby's dad who had walked away from the family 5 years ago.
3. Finding out that said dad has dementia or brain damage from abuse suffered while he was out of touch with the family. He'll never be the same.
4. A terrifically good friend of mine, Miss Betty, discovering she had cancer and dying within 6 weeks.
5. We ran a parish capital campaign that I had to be involved in.
6. Taking care of a dad that was completely lost and heartbroken after the death of my mom.
7. The death of my dad.
8. Various complications arising from meeting his last wishes.
9. McKid decides to go to afterschool care instead of my house (after 7 1/2 years--no more kiddo every single day)
9. The ZMan graduated from college! Yay!
10. We moved.
11. Wedding planning and preparations--everything from dresses to dinners to sleeping arrangements for traveling guests.
12. The Zman and The Beautiful Celeste (hereafter, TBC) got married!
13. PapaC and I turn into official Empty Nesters.

Wow. Just looking at it, it's no wonder I've been in a tailspin. And tailspin it truly was, and maybe still is, a least a little bit.

During the tailspin time, I've dug myself a bit of a hole with other responsibilities--and they are all staring at me, with deadlines approaching. Now I see, for the very first time in my life, how people get so behind with things that they just give up. Because it's tempting to lie on the couch, or play Mafia Wars on Facebook, instead of tending to business. It's easy to think, on Monday, that THIS will be the week that you turn it around.

And yes, I'm thinking that this Monday. But this Monday is a little different, because for the first time I've felt like sitting down and writing about it, just a bit.

And I think that's hopeful.

So, it's off to capitalize on the energy that I have for today and get some things started. I can't finish 'em if I don't start. Right?

Happy Monday, ya'll!


I hear you. Been there, done that, burned the T shirt. Sometimes it isn't even the physical stuff that needs to be done, it is the emotional exhaustion that gets one down.
When you have the time and energy to do some serious reading (as opposed to brain candy) I would suggest reading Kathleen Norris's latest book, Accedia. I think you will recognize the territory she covers.
Me, I have a lot going on that I am not ready yet to take public. But one small part is that I am (hopefully temporarily) unemployed. And though that gives me (theoretically) time, I don't always have the energy to get done what needs to get done. So I hear you! God bless, and get yourself some spiritual radiation therapy!

Wow... just, wow. You didn't have a lot on your plate, you had the all-you-can-handle buffet. May God give you every grace and source of strength you need. Take good care of yourself!



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