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I also hang out over on Ravelry, a fiber arts website full of knitters, crocheters, and weavers. Every time there is an Olympics, they have a Ravelympics--where we can compete in silly events making different things. I am on the Crochet Liberation Front's Team Flaming Hooks. And during the Olympics I will be trying to start and complete an entire afghan!

Now, I love the Olympics, and I watch them a whole big bunch. Especially this year when we have a DVR and I can actually DVR the weird sports that I love and that get no air time on the major networks. You know, like biathlon and ice dancing. And curling! Who wouldn't like a sport that has BROOMS in it? Come on!

Anyway. No matter how much I actually love the Olympics, a whole afghan in just a couple of weeks is a challenge. I had to find an afghan that I liked that was still simple enough to give me a shot at completion. Without breaking my fingers or wrists off due to overuse. No small task, that.

But I found one! And I purchased the yarn. And it's waiting for me to start. No chaining, no nothing until the opening ceremonies start on Friday.

Here's what I'll be trying to make:


And here's the link to the pattern. It's called the Wind Chime Afghan. You might have to register on the Lion Brand site to get to the free patterns, but it is totally worth the registration. They have lots and lots of free patterns.

And if you are a knitter or crocheter or spinner or other fiber type artiste, come on over to Ravelry and check it out. And look for me (SummaMamaT) or LaMa (beanymama) over there. We'd love to have you as fiber friends!

Happy Tuesday, ya'll!

Oh, and P.S. As an update on yesterday? I can see the floor of my office/craft room. Today I should be able to make even more progress! Thank you for the prayers and best wishes.


Terry, I LOVE the afghan you've chosen!

Have you seen the cover of Mary Maxim this month? There is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL afghan called 'Annie's lace throw' on it. The website is

If there was a snoball's chance I could actually do this one I would be on it pronto, unfortunately, my crochet skills are somewhere around sub-beginner status! The good news is, I've nearly finished Dennis's sweater and so far the sweaters I knitted the kids for Christmas haven't fallen

Debi, that is a truly beautiful throw. I would love to do it. I need to investigate whether they just sell it in a kit or if they sell the pattern. I don't need a baby blue throw!

It IS beautiful, Debi. And what a neat site. Looking forward to seeing the finished sweater.

Can't wait to see the finished Wind Chime Afghan, either. Go Team Flaming Hooks! For the win!

MamaT...I just got my Mary maxim catalog in the mail yesterday and that gorgeous throw on the front cover is by kit only!!! $32.99. I saw a flash of a comment on google when I was looking to see if I could just get the pattern and someone had said something about having a problem with the directions. I didn't read the whole thing though. I am really tempted to get the kit though!

Claudia, thanks for the heads up on that.

I am tempted to get it, even in blue, because then I could make another one in another color for ME!

Maybe with my birthday money????

HI - Regarding the comments on the Annie's Lace throw from the Mary Maxim catalog - the base pattern, with just a few minor modifications, is almost exactly the same as a vintage pattern shown on the site
I love the one shown in Mary Maxim, but the cost is a bit prohibitive for me, so I think I'll improvise. :) Great idea - using doily patterns for throws. Get your own creativity flowing and design one too!

Hi - I just finished the Annie's lace throw - it is very easy!!! I'm not real good at crocheting - only doing it for about 3-4 yrs. and I was able to do it. The yarn is really soft and I chose the denim color - very nice color. I don't want to give it to my mil but will, so I'll just have to make another for myself. I didn't find any problem with pattern and I had plenty of yarn to complete - would recommend to anyone to try - you won't be disappointed!



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