Pretty Shoe Tuesday

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I would show you patterns, but today, it's SHOES! And that's because I'm tired of all my winter clothes and stuff. Yeah, I live in Texas for a REASON, and that reason is NOT continued cold weather. I hate my coat. I hate my mittens -- well, except for the groovy ninja mitts made for me by LaMa which I treasure. I'm tired of the cold. I have things to do that do not involve shivering.

Fortunately, the weather is warming up a bit over the next few days--until it starts raining later in the week (boo!). Not warm enough for sandals or spring shoes, but we can LOOK, can't we? Yes, we can!

Oh, look! It's Summa Pumas! You've gotta love a shoe that has florescent pink listed as one of its colors. Don't you? We do.


Summa sandals, version 1, by the absolutely INCOMPARABLE Beverly Feldman. Are these not just to DIE for? Yes, they come in silver and gold as well, but why would you even look at anything other than this darling pink number? Pink, in our world, is a neutral anyway. Isn't it in yours?


Summa sandals, version 2. These are by Stuart Weitzman, and they are ultracool:


If you're not so into sandals yet, how about some Summa flats! You know that the Summas have a long term love affair with all things Kate Spade (I personally want to buy a B&N Nook just so I can have a Kate Spade cover for it!). These shoes just scream, "Summas! Buy me now!" Can we resist? Well, our pocketbooks may make us resist, but in a perfect world? All three Summas would have these on their feet:


And finally, Summa heels! These are the Carlos, by Carlos Santana. Now, myself? I don't get how come Carlos Santana gets to design women's shoes, but maybe that's just me. But these? I like!


Dream away, Summa lovers! Happy Tuesday to you all!


only one question, where can i find the blingy sandals? fab!

The Kate Spades! Swoon!

Santana doing women's footwear is wild but I'll take 'em.

Smock, added link to Zappos.

Pretty shoes. The pink flatties are hot. I can imagine myself in a short mini with those.



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