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For Today, April 19, 2010

Outside my window... It is cool and wet. The squirrels are playing in my drainage ditch and they are funny to watch. Yes, I know they are just tree rats, but they are so CUTE! And I wish I could scamper across power lines like they do. But that makes me think--if they have an aerial highway, why do they insist on running across the road in front of my car????

I am thinking... about how much work I need to do around this house and how quickly I can get it in decent shape so I can work on my crocheted afghans. I have several projects with deadlines attached and I need to work on them.

I am thankful for... my precious son, who turned 24 (24! How can that BE?) yesterday.

From the kitchen... I'm thinking soup for supper tonight because PapaC will be late coming in. Maybe minestrone? Tomorrow it's my night to cook for my friends group, and I'm searching for inspiration.

I'm am wearing... Blue corduroys, pink shirt, Flamingo earrings (!) and sneakers. And always, always perfume.

I am creating... a really darling afghan for my niece for Christmas. Yes, if you're a crocheter you're working on Christmas NOW. It's made up of squares that look like those hip 60's daisies. Bright colors, black background. I'll sneak you a peek when I get it done. She doesn't read her aunt's blog!

I am going... to the grocery store and to JoAnn's for more yarn. I love buying yarn. But no exciting colors today--3 skeins of gray and another couple of black and white.

I am reading... Cold Flat Junction by Martha Grimes. It is my book club book for this month. It's OK, but I have a LOT to read before Friday night.

I am hoping... that this will be a less stressful week than the past few have been. I'd like some peace and quiet.

I am hearing... Blessed silence, tempered by a dog groan (she's sleeping at my feet and having dreams) every once in a while.

Around the house... I really need to work in the yard, but the wet may keep me indoors for a few more days. One good side effect of the wet? Less ALLERGIES!

One of my favorite things... is playing games with my kids. After supper last night we broke out the Zman's new Carcassonne game and played. I didn't win, but it was fun.

A few plans for the rest of the week:Make the house look like actual humans live here. Laundry. Crochet--maybe getting 2/3 done with Zoe's squares. Finish my book club book. File church bills. Rconcile my bank statement(s). Watch Dreamgirls so I can send the disc back to Netflix.

Words I'm pondering "Death is the test of faith. Any faith that can die, should die, because it is not faith but platitude, soporific, or wishful thiinking. Real faith cannot be shaken 'because it is the result of having been shaken.' It is an answer to being shaken. Real answers are answers to real questions. Death is a real question. If faith is a real answer, it must face that real question; it must stand face to face with death. When faith and death thus meet, it is death, not faith, that is changed."

---Peter Kreeft Love Is Stronger Than Death

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

2010 BAMCAL March

This is one of the March squares for my Block A Month Afghan. Isn't it pretty?

Happy Monday, ya'll!



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