Pretty Shoe Tuesday - MamaT edition


Like LaMa, I am hapy, happy, happy that sandal weather is here again. I think maybe most of us Texas girls just suffer through the winter, waiting until we can break out our "real" shoes again.

Looking at my feet, I am in dire need of a pedicure, but that won't stop me from letting my feet breathe easy in sandals. Vain? Not much. Anyway, all the shoes below can be purchased from Zappos.

First a cute pair of Clark's sandals. I find Clark's to be very comfortable, and in general worth the price you pay for them. These are called Latin Cha Cha. I want!

Clarks Latin Cha Cha

Then just a fun pair of sandaly kind of sneaks. Or sneakery kind of sandals? I'm not sure. I know they are meant for water sports, but when have we ever let that stop us from repurposing? These would look cute with my capris and tees, whether there's water or not! They are by Keen.

Keen sandals

Then, because the Summas LOVE Kate Spade, I'll put in a little number that I would like to own. Not for $140, mind you, but if I had the money and no budget to adhere to, well, these would be on their way to me now. These are the Kate Spade Clancy.

Kate Spade Clancy

And then a commercial for the sandals I love and wear all the time--at least when I'm not dressing up for something. I was skeptical about these sandals when friend told me about them, but i found a pair on clearance. Ya'll, I have NEVER paid $50 for a pair of SANDALS. But these are worth it. Maybe not the prettiest shoes in the world, but certainly the most comfortable sandals I've ever had on my feet. Yeah, even more than Birkies. Here's my favorite, the Fitflop. This is even one of the colors (I have 2 pairs) that I own.


Off to work in the yard some more today. Hope your Tuesday is FABULOUS.

And go put on some sandals.



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