Thursday, Beautiful Thursday


Here at the Summa Mamas, we are going to try something new on Thursdays. One of the websites I frequent, Home Sanctuary, has a post today on beauty and how important it is in our lives. It was a topic that resonates with me, because I think beauty is restorative. Looking at something beautiful, listening to something beautiful, even TASTING something beautiful, can make my soul soar and my heart sing.

And it doesn't have to be something big, momentous or even very important in the eyes of the world. We too often walk past beauty, never noticing it in our hurry to be about our oh so important business. But if we're too busy for beauty, then I think we're just plain too busy. No life should be so wrapped up in other concerns that a person cannot stop and relish a few seconds of beauty, wherever they are found.

When I get "too busy" for beauty, then I also find that I am surrounded by darkness, sorrow, and even a little fear.

God puts reminders in front of us all the time. We just don't see them. I want to make a habit of seeing. In that quest, I'm going to share a bit of beauty every Thursday. It might be a song. It might be a painting. It might be a picture of something in my kitchen, as it is today. But it will be, to me, something beautiful.

So, here's the picture for today, taken in my very own kitchen. I'm not usually fond of the crazy dyed flowers--I tend to like mine au naturelle (how ever you spell that!). But these were inexpensive and I needed the lift. And I think they look fabulous in my grandmother's aluminum pitcher.

That pitcher brings back hundreds of happy memories of spending time with my grandparents every summer in San Angelo, TX. We sat out in the front yard, on a lawn of deep and cool St. Augustine grass, and drank lemonade from this pitcher and its funky matching glasses (which I also own). I still remember how cold the glasses got--it was almost hard to hold them. And I did cartwheels on the lawn, and danced and chased fireflies to put in a bottle. It was........BEAUTIFUL.

April 15

Have a beautiful day, my friends.



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