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For Today, May 17, 2010

Outside my window... it is a gorgeous day! Too bad, in a way, since my obligations today will keep me sitting in the house working on my "desk work". I do have to run to Office Max this morning, so I will enjoy it then. And I think I will move my computer over to my table so I can work and look out the window at the same time. Yeah, that's an idea!

I am thinking... about how my procrastination got me into this spot, and what I need to mend my ways. It's a hard habit to break. I've always suffered from it to some degree, but in the past 2 years (I think as a stress reaction, kind of) it has gotten markedly worse. It has to change. Has to.

I am thankful for... my washer and dryer. I usually don't mind doing laundry. Because of the season of my life, I am no longer doing as many loads of laundry. I can treat it as a once a week chore, so it has a nice completion to it at the end of the day. That's something that Smock and LaMa can't relate to, but I like it!

From the kitchen... Grilled salmon for supper tonight. Tomorrow I am making a new pasta salad recipe to take to my "girls' night" - gingered spaghetti salad. Chicken, peppers, edamame, onions, spaghetti, fresh ginger, asian dressing. Yummy sounding! The rest of the week is unknown until I sit down to make my menu out. And that might be tomorrow.

I'm am wearing... Blue capris, white t with big old flowers on it, fit flops (how I love these shoes), dangly earrings that are too dressy for my outfit, but I don't care, perfume.

I am creating... washcloths for gifts for my reading group for Christmas. I'm trying to make at least 2 for each friend, so that's a lot of work. Fortunately they don't take very long. I'll have 'em done by December. But when you're trying to make a bunch of Christmas, you've got to work hard all year 'round.

I am going... to Parish Council meeting on Thursday night (hence all the desk work). That's about it for this week.

I am reading... Goodbye to a River by John Graves STILL

I am hoping... to find a cute anniversary card for my beloved PapaC. 31 years this Wednesday, ya'll!

I am hearing... my dog Sassy barking at a lizard up in the tree. Like that's going to make him come down.

Around the house... decision on paint color for bedroom, now that we have the new comforter I have had my eye on. I'll have to take a pillow to Sherwin Williams, but even at that, I think paint chips are a guess.

One of my favorite things... is watching the kids at church. Especially the breakaway ones that head down the aisle. I know their parents are embarrassed and all that. From my perspective I wish I could tell the parents to be less worried and more relaxed--those kids'll get it. They really will.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Church financial statements. Celebrate our anniversary. Finish the border on Zoe's Christmas afghan. Start weaving in the ends of same afghan. Mail first 6 sets of granny squares for my swap. (Yay, nearly 1/3 done!) Pick up afghan I didn't pick up last week.

Words I'm pondering "Do not distress yourself so much at being so frequently at war with your wretched nature; heaven is worth all these battles. Perhaps they will shortly come to an end and you will achieve a complete victory. After all they will pass, and rest will be eternal. Be at peace and let your humility always be mingled with confidence." ------------Fr. J.P. de Caussade, SJ Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

Beautiful red tulips

Pretty red tulips in one of my mom's brown pitchers. Very nice.

Happy Monday, ya'll!


okay, so i HAVE to know how the gingered sketti turns out because it sounds delish. without the edemomma stuff, of course. keep us posted!



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