Monday Music

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Here's a happy lil tune and dance for your Monday morning. I can't get enough She and Him these days, although anything Zooey Deschanel I'm all over. My little Camila loves this tune and video. I'll hit 'publish' now so she can view...


I haven't seen/heard this yet. Very cute, and I like Zooey too. Did you see her in the Ozish mini series?

Oh, we are now on Book II - earth bending.


Awesome! What do you think?

I haven't seen Ozish. I'll have to go consult Prof. Google...

The miniseries is called "Tin Man" and if you're a Netflixer type (as I am) they have it. On disk and streamable! I think I'll stream it over the next few lunch breaks......

So far I like it, although I have been told that is anime I guess I need to watch cowboy beebop now.

I enjoyed Tin Man, but I am partial to Zooey.



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