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if history is always written – or rewritten – by the winners (or the “good guys” right?), then how do we know the true tale behind the plight of the loser (the “bad guy”)? can you imagine a world in which the axis powers were the victors and what our history books might read? if i think about this question too long my brain starts to itch, but it’s the sort of question that leads to a book like gregory maguire’s wicked: the life and times of the wicked witch of the west.

elphaba, better known as the wicked witch of the west, is one of the most complicated characters that i’ve ever encountered. is she an antihero? is she simply misunderstood? well, the answer isn’t at all that clear cut. she is as multifaceted as the dear friend that you adore but who is wretchedly ill-fated and infuriatingly rash. can you imagine her and galinda (later known as glinda) as best friends in college? this isn’t the only loop you’ll be thrown for as you follow elphaba from her childhood (as the razor-toothed little demon-child of a miserable little minister and his drug-addicted and adulterous wife), schooling (where she is a fierce Animal –as opposed to animal – rights activist), and beyond.

wicked is a surprisingly complex study of the *big* questions of morality on a highly metaphysical level. i was both delighted and depressed by elphaba’s honest struggle with her beliefs – or lack thereof – in the unnamed god, the afterlife and the human soul. she is intellectual but bizarre, striking and gruesome. love her or hate her, she is all-to-human and very easy to care about.

mamaT prefers bookmarks and cleanly kept books, but i am an avid page-folder of passages that i want to re-read. i haven’t earmarked a book like this in years. still, my take on the book might be summed up in this one heartbreaking passage. . .

He lingered at the door, and said, “The Lion wants courage, the Tin Man a heart, and the Scarecrow brains. Dorothy wants to go home. What do you want?”
“A little piece and quiet.”
“No really.”
She couldn’t say forgiveness, not to Liir…in the end what came out of her mouth surprised them both. She said, “A soul – ”

i strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the literary themes of isolation, forgiveness, and redemption. i’m off to begin the sequel, son of a witch. . .

this makes me happy

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can it get any better than this? c'mon, even mamaT can appreciate the beauty in these delish delights. talk about a crunchy cup. oh, my, i think i'm drooling. and look, these are healthy, they have green stuff in them.


crunchy couture

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the smocksearch for all things bacon continues and i've found the tastiest little morsel i think i've ever seen that is wearable! and, our dear and green-beany friend specialK will be happy to know that it's made from recycled stuff, so it really is crunchy bacon. too-too adorable.


more summa shoes. . .

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okay, these are maybe not so much summa shoes as smock shoes, but if we're gonna have fantasy shoes, well then! tell me these don't put the fun in funky.
and i'm actually tempted to buy these gorgeous kors. you'd wear these, wouldn't you, mamaT?
but lest you think that i never choose fun in living color . . . check out these uber-summa funky pink pumps.
yeah, baby! totally coolmoe.

it seems that nintendo has joined our already disordered advertising culture in the crusade to make our young girls feel fat. in fact, nintendo's new game, Wii Fit, takes it a step further and just flat out labels them fat to their faces. oh joy. read the article here.

with all do respect, mamaT, if you're going to do beverly feldman, you simply cannot pass up these little beauties. they are simply sooo summa mama. we should get them and wear them to church together! wouldn't that be too fun?

our ten year old, glynnis, was playing her teenager Sims character. i overheard her muttering the following to herself.

... if i could just get her to raise her grades to a "C" then i can get her into a private school. that's the problem. she's in a government school. no wonder her grades are so poor. she needs a private education. i hope i can afford it . . .

i know what mamaT would say. maybe she should homeschool.



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