more summa shoes. . .

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okay, these are maybe not so much summa shoes as smock shoes, but if we're gonna have fantasy shoes, well then! tell me these don't put the fun in funky.
and i'm actually tempted to buy these gorgeous kors. you'd wear these, wouldn't you, mamaT?
but lest you think that i never choose fun in living color . . . check out these uber-summa funky pink pumps.
yeah, baby! totally coolmoe.


the kors slay me. be still my heart.

HATE the first pair.

LOVE the Kors, but would kill myself trying to walk in them.

Am in a virtual tizzy over the Betsey Johnson shoes. Love 'em. Love her.

BTW, when Betsey Johnson's daughter got married, she had Vera Wang design her wedding dress. Vera Wang was like, "You're kidding, right?" She said she was more nervous doing that gown than any other, because she was so in awe of the bride's mother!

cool tidbit about vera wang. did you know she's got a target line now? and so does cynthia rowley -- who already has her own mother-daughter fragrances with avon, too.

i just love how all the bigwigs are slummin' down here with us po'folk!



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