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the coolmoest smockpumps ever


nine west's bonfire shoe in corkthecoolmoecorkshoe.jpg.

these are the coolest, least practical, shoes i've seen in a looong time, even if they are a little too "repurpose-y" for my taste... the only way to make them even more summa and sexy would be to find them in hot pink. regardless of color, and in celebration of my crunchy friends, i'd buy these in a heartbeat, iffin' i had the funds, and i'd find a way to wear them. every. single. day.

smock's southernisms of the day


in honor of the fact that i only have the boys at home all day today, i have a couple of expressions that come in handy when dealing with unruly lil'uns.

"behave or i'll snatch you bal'headed." yankees might use the term bald headed.

"stop that cryin' or i'll give you somethin' to cry about!"

"don't make me jerk a knot'n your tail."

***in the interest of full disclosure, baby greer rose is home of course, but she doesn't act up . . . until three in the morning.



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