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Been long time gone.

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An imploring Smockmomma can be very convincing. Her lament to me, "You gotta get on the blog girl, cause I'm NOT changin' the graphics!" was the most convincing. Moreover, I have no desire to see the limits of MamaT's patience.

Life with baby is a bit overwhelming -- I know I'm preachin' to the choir on that note.

Life with baby, toddler, preschooler, teenager and a pincipal/actor/entrepenuer/filmaker (any more slashes???) spouse is brilliantly overwhelming. I know Father Knows Best, but I am most frustrated by His methods.

--Insert my "Job said to the Lord" moment.--

Is there not some sort place I can set this cross down for a spell? Or a Walmart where I can return this particular cross?! 'Cause I know that they take exchanges without a receipt.

I'd even settle for swapping for a couple of days. A fresh new set of trials and tribulations. It could be a whole new spiritual reality show, "Cross-swapped" or "Extreme Cross Makeover" I pick up your cross and you pick up mine, slap on some rouge and throw in a new appliance from Sears. Sound good?



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