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12 fer ya

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1) I prefer black ink to blue
2) I have ruined many a good eyeliner or lipstick when I have neither on hand.
3) My computer has a virus (I think) and I am on my son's lil' laptop.
4) I had him when I was 19.
5) Which is why I would never recommend getting your world view from the tube.
6) I was a bartender for many years and can still make the best Margarita in town.
7) My interest in video games waned when Mario became 3-D
8) I always wanted to travel in an Airstream with my Boxer.
9) The Boxer was a dog...not an athlete.
10) I am developing a friendship with a Jehovah's Witness who came to my door.
11)She knows more about the Bible than I do and I was a Protestant!
12) I don't mind waiting.



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