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Upon request from our extensive fan base-----Oh, ok, upon request of ONE dedicated reader, we have set up an email account at yahoo for the Mamas.

Now those of you who want to send us fan letters and are too shy to do so in the comments boxes can email us at:

summamamas AT yahoo DOT com

My dearest hubby the geek boy says I should write it like that. Ya'll do what you must.

Remember, it's pretty hard to keep a secret with one mama from the other mamas--we all have access to the account. Besides, we stick together like pantyhose and polyester skirts right out of the dryer. So don't be saying mean things about one Mama to another Mama. The email account isn't THAT private! We're just warnin' you!


oh, MamaT, i just adore your colloquialisms! you make me smile.



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