they all give me the vapors

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the dweeb factor

air america is supposed to be the "new" liberal radio station. first of all, wasn't air america a mel gibson movie? and secondly, we already have liberal radio. it's called NPR. the liberal line up includes al franken, janeane garofalo and chuck d. that's all liberal radio has to offer?


From radio personalities I have listened to across the board, this project will tank. It is scripted like t.v.; in radio improvisation is more viable.

I wouldn't rush out to by stock in this outfit. All politics aside, Franken doesn't exactly have the voice for radio.

or the personality!

The most boring 5 minutes I've ever spent . . . even NPR is better than this drivel.

Chuck D? Oh my world is so upside down.

I actually enjoy NPR when it isn't political commentary. Ira Glass has to be one of the most talented radio journalists out there.



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